Tiananmen Square Student Leader Wang Chaohua to Receive UCLA Ph.D

June 3, 2009

cha hua wangThis week marks the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in China. The student-led protest which ended in a violent military action against the protesters lasted 10 days—10 days that changed the life of Chaohua Wang forever.

For 10 days, the 36-year-old graduate student in literature refused to leave Tiananmen Square in Beijing except for brief negotiations with top government officials and an overnight stay at a hospital after she collapsed from hunger.

In the aftermath of the Tiananmen crackdown, she became one of only two women on China’s list of 21 most wanted student leaders who defiantly stood up against the military might of their government and survived the ensuing massacre.

Now 56, she has finally reached a long-awaited goal — she will participate in the June 11 Ph.D. hooding ceremony for UCLA’s Graduate Division, after completing graduate studies that were unexpectedly interrupted by the uprising that held China’s — and the world’s — attention for a month and a half.

Read Meg Sullivan’s UCLA Today story about Dr. Wang  here.

via Kevin Roderick’s L.A. Observed.

2 Responses to “Tiananmen Square Student Leader Wang Chaohua to Receive UCLA Ph.D”

  1. 刘慧娉 Says:

    Kudos to you, Dr. Wang . . .

  2. jayxwp Says:

    Recent articles regarding the Tiananmen Square protests refer to Chinese military shooting and killing the demonstrators.
    Unless my aged memory is playing games, I recall that the reason the demonstrations continued for over a month because regular Chinese troops would not shoot at Chinese citizens who were peacefully demonstrating.
    The Chinese government finally called in “Mongolian” troops (they did not speak Mandarin Chinese) and they had no qualms about obeying orders to shoot the demonstrators.
    Note: Following that violence, the U.S. military surveyed its own troops to determine if they would obey orders to shoot American citizens. Almost all said they would most likely refuse – EXCEPT those of Hispanic or Latino backgrounds.
    Subsequently, we rarely see recruiting ads for the Marines or Army on english language programing – but we do see an abundance on Spanish Language networks.

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