Joseph Hahn and Mike Shinoda took their metal-rap band Linkin Park to Asia to anchor the Live Earth Concert in Tokyo July 8. The Asian American-led band had previously at benefits for victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunamis, Hurricanes Charley and Katrina and Live 8. Hahn who is of Korean ancestry hails from Glendale, and Shinoda, whose father and mother are Japanese American and Russian, grew up in Agoura, Calif. Both were onetime art students. More linkage.

FREE RED MANGO, Pinkberry’s arch nemesis in the ongoing Froyo Wars, is finally here and kicking things off in its first L.A. location with a grand opening. They’re promising all who show up to celebrate with them free yogurt (only from 4-6pm), door prizes, celebrity appearances (?) and even free valet in hard-to-find-parking Westwood. Remember to put this on your calendar. EVENT: TUESDAY, JULY 10 from 4pm to 10pm Red Mango, Westwood Village 10942 Weyburn Avenue Los Angeles, California 90024.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION—Embattled L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, caught with his pants down as blogger Luke Ford first exposed his extramarital affair with Telemundo anchorwoman Mirthala Salinas, can’t seem to catch a break. Korean media sources have linked the meandering mayor to a busty Korean American fashion designer “Sabrina Kay” (Chung Hee Kim). Miss Kim, also a real estate developer, reportedly accompanied the mayor on a city trade development tour of Asia last year. He named her to the powerful L.A. Planning Commission, and the forty-ish Kim has also hosted fundraisers for the Mexican American politician during his meteoric rise in state and local governments. Rumors from bloggers Mayor Sam’s Sister City and Lonewacko have reported that the original source of the Salinas affair may have been one Mirthala Salinas herself. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Tony. Run for your life, ese!

PINK COOKIES—They’re everywhere you look! Izumi Barry, Carlisa Hamagaki and Mylah Tolentino are the Asian American triumvirate behind the custom fashion house which is receiving a turbocharged boost from the massive media blitz the trio has been able to pull off in the last couple of months. Pink Cookies, which specializes in custom airbrushed t-shirts, tanks, sexy short-shorts, shoes, scarves, hats and accessories for men and women, are reaping the benefits of strategic product placement in the movies and on TV shows like Pussycat Dolls, America’s Next Top Model, MTV’s Newlyweds w/Nick and Jessica as well as national print coverage. Even the paparazzi are tailing Barry, Hamagaki and Tolentino around town at night. So far, though, Hamagaki has been able to shield her other, less fashionista life from the media. She’s reportedly head women’s basketball coach at Marymount High School in tony Bel Air.


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