Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 17:18:08 -0700 (PDT)


Subject: (Please read, sign, forward): Little Tokyo Petition

Friends –

It’s happened again!

As you may already be aware, several recent property transactions have

put the future of Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo in jeopardy. Japanese

Village Plaza was sold to American Commercial Equities in late July,

and on August 17, the New Otani Hotel and Weller Court Shopping Mall

were bought by 3D Investments—the SAME company that bought the large

chunk of San Francisco J-Town from Kintetsu Enterprises last year.

While neither of these companies are inherently bad, it is also clear

that neither company has a strong tie to Little Tokyo. With only

three Japantowns remaining, there exists a critical need to maintain

Little Tokyo as an important historic cultural neighborhood. When a

company decides to purchase a main commercial and gathering area of

Little Tokyo, they should also take the initiative to develop the

properties in a responsible manner with community input.

Little Tokyo community members have a history of being actively

involved with the changes in Little Tokyo, and we are proud of our

community’s achievements. It’s time again to make our voices clear –

Little Tokyo is our home. Little Tokyo is our history. Little Tokyo

is our future. And the people who share that home should have a say

in what happens to it.

If you feel similarly, we would urge you to take the following action:

1) Sign the following petition. Doing so will send

a message to 3D Investments and American Commercial Equities that they

can not buy and develop land in our neighborhood without taking into

consideration the wants and needs of the existing community. Further,

it will also ensure that the Kajima Corporation is held responsible

for their secretive sale to 3D Investments. Although their

transaction may be completed, they have not heard the end of this from

the Little Tokyo community. Third, it will reinforce to Jan Perry

(Little Tokyo’s City Councilwoman)that there is broad support to

maintain active community involvement in determining the future of

Little Tokyo. Finally, it will put current property owners and

potential buyers on notice that our community is organized and not

afraid to take action to ensure that they act responsibly and remain

sensitive to the historic and cultural importance of Little Tokyo.

2) Attend the Little Tokyo Community Council’s public meeting at 6:30

PM on Thursday, October 4, 2007, and the Japanese American National

Museum. This meeting will be an important opportunity for Little

Tokyo’s stakeholders (that’s you!) to make their voices heard and

demand what is due to them.

Please don’t miss out on this opportunity to demand respect and

justice for our community!


Your friends at J-Town Voice

Ps. To find out more about the petition, the Little Tokyo Community

Council meeting, or how you can make your voice heard during our

community’s planning process, contact

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