The following stolen exerpted from Leland Wong’s A-Town Graphics Web site:

Most of these posters were hand screenprinted, so a lot of TLC has been put into every poster. The majority of these posters are of the ‘Nihonmachi Street Fair’ series which I began doing in 1974 to 2004. I seem to get the most notoriety from the series of posters. I guess it’s because it’s the most consistent and only series poster that I do annually. When we first started out, the screen printing process was the most cheap and available printing process at the time. As times have now changed, the printing process is now less in demand due to wide format digital printing. The inks and supplies are not as available and no longer cheap, therefore I will be ending this series of posters in the screen printing method after 2003. I retired from doing the street fair poster as of 2004.

Printing this street fair poster have been an event and community effort in itself. It’s very labor intensive and not possible for me to do alone. I am grateful to those who have helped in the printing all these years. This poster section is dedicated to the memory of those who helped with the printing of the street fair poster in the past and are no longer amongst us; Freddy Mar, Paul Tanabe, Wes Senzaki, John Benson (JB) and Hartson Kim Lee.






2 Responses to “Reelin’ in the Years: Leland Wong’s Nihonmachi Street Festival Posters”

  1. leland wong Says:

    Some posters are available and are for sale. Please email me for prices. atowngraphics@yahoo.com

  2. leland wong Says:

    thanks for ripping off and stealing from my site. :P

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