Okay, we can all relax, rapper Dumbfoundead is still a card-carrying member of the 99%. Despite all his recent homegrown success~a new album, a million subscribers on YouTube, sold out shows on both coasts and overseas and major mainstream media coverage~”CNN”‘s Jonathan Park (aka LA Koreatown rap artist Dumbfoundead) found himself being informed on the red carpet by a “angry PR person” that he “wasn’t part of this” at the Nov. 2 L.A. premiere of  “A Very Merry Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.” DFD speculated that his FlipCam wasn’t official enough. The good news is DFD appeared to be well medicated when the incident went down. To be fair, I think John Cho (Harold) just didn’t recognize his dogg Ded. Afterall, Asian bruthas got to stick together, yeah?

At least one person died and several other people were seriously injured after a bus carrying 18 Korean-American teenagers slid over the side of Highway 189 near Twin Peaks on Monday, officials said.
Two people were airlifted from the scene with major injuries and 10 people had serious injuries, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Bill Peters said.
The bus from Light of Love Mission Church, a Korean-American congregation, collided with a San Bernardino County Fire Department vehicle and a power pole just before noon on Monday.
Church officials said about 18 children — teenagers between 13 and 17 — and four adults were on the bus that was returning from a winter retreat. They had been at the retreat since Friday and were returning to Pasadena when the crash happened shortly before noon.
The man who died is believed to be the bus driver, Won Chae, 61, a member of the church and licensed bus driver, according to a deacon.
“What we know is the driver of the bus has passed away,” deacon John Cho said. “Our prayers are with his family, obviously.
Cho said Chae had been a member of the church for several years and often volunteered to drive for church activities.

(Read the Pasadena Star-News’ update here.)

MICHELLE A. RHEE, the controversial chancellor of Washington, D.C.’s school system resigned today in an action which came on the heels of D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty’s defeat in the Sept. 14 Democratic primary election. It was Fenty who had begged Rhee to take the job 3½ years ago, and it was Rhee’s educational reform program that some say was the main reason he lost to D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray.
In today’s resignation statement, the sometimes abrasive education reformer said her leaving was “heartbreaking,” Reporters wrote that her press conference was “short and to the point.” Later, Rhee, 40, gave an exit interview to NPR’s Melissa Block, host of All Things Considered, in which she said she would continue her efforts to reform flagging U.S. schools and would spend more time with her fiancé former all-star pro basketball guard and now Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson triggering rumors that Rhee may entertain job offers from cities in northern and southern California as well as Colorado.

Michelle Rhee: The Exit Interview

Straight outta Charlottesville, VA, Tim Be Told is pianist and leader singer Tim Ouyang [Chinese], guitarist Andrew Chae [Korean], guitarist and backup vocalist Luan Nguyen [Vietnamese], drummer Jim Barredo [Filipino] and bassist Parker Stanley [part Cherokee]. The group views diversity as its strength.

Download a free copy of “Analyze” here.  TBT’s new album From the Inside drops June 4.

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Dance, Film and Justice

April 23, 2010

By Jonathan Stein, Mother Jones, April 27, 2009

It stuns me that we are still having a debate, as a country, over whether or not what the Bush Administration did to detainees in the war on terror was actually torture. I would hope that this helps settle things. The fact-checking outfit called PolitiFact confirms that a McCain statement from 2007, dredged up recently by Paul Begala, is accurate:

“I forgot to mention last night that following World War II war crime trials were convened. The Japanese were tried and convicted and hung for war crimes committed against American POWs. Among those charges for which they were convicted was waterboarding,” [McCain] told reporters at a campaign event.

“If the United States is in another conflict … and we have allowed that kind of torture to be inflicted upon people we hold captive, then there is nothing to prevent that enemy from also torturing American prisoners.”

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PRINCETON, NJ—Asian-Americans tend to be more liberal and Democratic in their political orientation than the national average, and are the only major racial or ethnic group in the United States with more liberals than conservatives, according to Gallup Daily tracking data.

The findings were based on aggregated data from Gallup’s 2009 Daily tracking survey and included interviews with more than 4,000 Asian-Americans. For the purpose of analysis, respondents were categorized as Asian-Americans if they self-identify their race as Asian.

Gallup said 353,849 whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians 18 and older were interviewed as part of the survey. Read Jeffrey M. Jones’ summary of Gallup’s Asian American data here.

Forty-one percent of Asians identify politically as Democrats, 41% as independents, and 16% as Republicans. As a result, Asians are above the national average in terms of the percentage of political independents (37% nationwide) and Democrats (34%), and below average in terms of the percentage of Republicans (27%).

According to the survey data: “Asian-Americans tend to be less religious than those in other racial or ethnic groups.”

The percentage of Asians who attend church on a weekly basis also is lower than for other U.S. racial or ethnic groups. A slim majority of Asian-Americans say they seldom or never attend religious services.

COMMENT: Gallup is a respected litmus of American opinion. But something doesn’t feel right about these results. Perhaps Gallup didn’t include a representative sampling of Korean Americans in their tracking data. Living in Asian America tells us that Korean Americans are among the most churchgoing-est folk in the entire country, from Fairfax, Virginia to Hacienda Heights, Calif. College and university campus Christian student organizations are dominated by Asians. How about the politically conservative Vietnamese American communities; were they included in the mix?

h/t Keith Kamisugi and Vida Benavides


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