Sauced In Translation

March 10, 2009


Our story started with Kim Ve Wei-Wong Soy Sauce.
When we first met, he was shy.
Our love story walks along the road of, Stew juice, onion rings— Kim Ve Wei-Wong Soy Sauce.
CLOSING SHOT: “Fall in love at first sight choice, unforgettable good flavor, fermented Kim Ve Wei-Wong Soy Sauce.”

Cute, but this spot needs balance, just like American mass media needs one straight Asian American leading man or at least one pretending to be. “No, Russell Wong. That was not your cue.”

Asian American conspiratorialists may say that ad spots like this one for Kim Ve Wei-Wong Soy Sauce smack subliminal, planting hints that Asian-White couplings are more fairy-tale-like than other racial recipes.

Ha, I say. If this is some Madison Avenue Madame Butterfly mindfuck, it’s useless. Asian women already hold the WBA title of “World’s Most Outmarrying Women.”

It’s got to said: “If aliens from the planet Cubiczirconia landed on Earth, Asian women would immediately hookup with them.”

But the thing that’s really bothering me about this ad: Is that Zac Efron in dat joint?

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Health and Wellness

July 12, 2007



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