A gang of fleeing bank robbers decided to give the residents of South Central Los Angeles a bit of economic stimulus Wednesday morning by tossing wads of cash out of the window of their getaway vehicle, and although TV news anchors and reporters tried to put a socially acceptable spin the actions of the Robin Hood gangstas, those on the street saw it in a complete different light as many of them rushed into the street to scoop up the Benjamins. “Deshawn,” who said he did not grab any of the robbers’ stolen money, told KTLA-5’s reporter Elizabeth Espinoza he saw this morning’s shower of cash as “neighborhood stimulus.” Added Deshawn: “We all need it. If you had seen it, what would you do?” he asked the reporter rhetorically. “If you saw money flying out, you would do the same thing they did, especially if you’re in a time of need.”

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End of Days?

March 2, 2009

naked_man_cross_phixrJust another Sunday in Los Angeles: Around 8 a.m., a naked man climbs atop a cross on the roof of a Korean American church, 50 feet above a busy street,  and threatens to jump (photos). While perched on the cross, the man defecates and smears feces on himself and the cross (vid). SWAT is called. After more than seven hours, cops coax the man down and take him away. The yet unidentified man reportedly told police he was making a statement against Christianity. He was arrested and charged with defacing a church—a felony. The West Bethel Presbyterian Church, at the corner of 9th St. and La Brea Ave., is located in a building that once housed the Toho La Brea Theatre, which screened Japanese movies from the 1950s through the ’70s. Questions remain: Did the cross-sitter target Korean American Christians? Who’s gonna clean that mess? Are these the end of days?


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