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  • Previously Unreleased Documents Regarding Seung-hui Cho Published, 12/22/08, epicanthus.net
  • The Killer in My Class, Lucinda Roy, thedailybeast.com
  • Eric Nakamura’s Interview With Campus Killer Wayne Lo, giantrobot.com
  • Why So Many Mass Killings in April, poynteronline.org
  • Killer Reflection, Jeff Yang, salon.com
  • Xerox Murder Byran Uyesugi: Psychiatry, the Law and Depravity, truetv.com
  • In Memoriam: The Victims of Gang Lu’s Iowa Univ. Rampage, YouTube
  • Binghampton Killer’s Polite, Deranged Letter, Gawker
  • Debunking the Ethnic Angle to Mass Murders Like Binghampton, Virginia Tech, Andrew Lam, alternet.org

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